Hovsepyan Agram

Director of "National Bureau of Expertise" SNPO, Ph.D.

Dear Reader,

before familiarizing yourself with the content of the third edition of the journal, et me once again present you the issues, which, in my opinion 2019 are of fundamental importance for understanding the root causes that prompted us in to release the new edition of the “Armenian Journal of Forensic Expertise and Criminalistics”:
The main goal of the journal is to combine in its pages different views of forensic experts on general and private issues in the field, as well as specialists of law and related various fields, which arise during the implementation of research and scientific work, , analysis and coordination, of modern best

practices , to ensure the continuous development of forensic expertise and criminalistics.:

It is planned to systematically and comprehensively consider effective mechanisms for the development of a unified scientific and methodological approach to the implementation of expert research in the journal’s publications: Thus
it is necessary to develop interstate and national standards in the field of forensic expertise, as well as to strengthen interdisciplinary scientific ties and formulate uniform approaches. :
The publication of such a targeted scientific and practical journal inevitably involves not only the participation of our colleagues - forensic experts, but also other specialists in this field (researchers, graduate students), as well as the participation of forensic experts,, whose work is directly or indirectly related to forensic expertise.:
Taking into consideration the events, of recent months regarding the problems encountered with the COVID-19 pandemic, , it is supposed to pay special attention to articles of both scientific, and applied , importance for a wide range of experts specializing in forensic medical expertise: The publication of the thematic articles mentioned is aimed at presenting , the results of experimental work and clinical studies with a description of their features. :
In this regard, it should be noted that the editorial board realize with great responsibility the importance to ensure a high level of scientific publications , taking appropriate measures to achieve this goal,
and therefore I express my deep gratitude to all members of the editorial board.:
It should be emphasized, once again that the scientific publication “Armenian Journal of Forensic Expertise and Criminalistics” is considered as an open platform that will allow the reader to perceive the, global trends in forensic expertise and criminalistics from a new perspective:


 Argam Hovsepyan, PhD